Celery Juice- The New Kale

Everywhere you look on social media, it seems like everyone is hopping on the celery juice bandwagon. From celebrities to influencers and beyond, celery juice is the new hip thing to include in a seemingly healthy lifestyle. Promising reduced fatigue, increased energy, clear skin, less brain fog, and better digestion, I readily jumped in line.


Drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach is a regimen made popular by The Medical Medium, Anthony William. He has had great success in creating a movement of healing, allowing people to recover from chronic and debilitating illness by using food as medicine. This sounded right up my alley! I am a huge supporter of finding holistic ways to rewire our bodies to combat disease. Drinking celery juice, he claims, directly influences inflammatory processes within our bodies that contribute to diseases such as Hashimoto’s, eczema, acne, and acid reflux. Celery juice “starves” the pathogenic components causing the inflammation, including bacterial and viral microbes, almost working as an antiseptic solution.  

William also claims that celery juice is abundant in what he calls “undiscovered salts.” Here’s where things got a little murky for me. He goes on to say that in addition to inherent sodium present in the celery juice, there are other mineral salts that act as binding agents, drawing “bad salt” from “bad foods” out of the body. Huh? I’m pretty sure this type of molecular relationship was never presented to my human anatomy and physiology class in college! What I did find convincing was the notion that the propulsion of mineral salts through the GI tract allows for better absorption of nutrients throughout the day. The electrolytes assist in balancing pH levels, increase hydration, and encourage absorption. While I hate the dreaded reference to a “cleanse”, the best way I could understand this was that essentially, the celery juice helps to prepare the body for the nutrients that will inevitably come throughout the day.

With so many people claiming significant improvement in their lives from this simple addition, despite my skepticism of the actual science behind it, I decided to give it a 30-day trial. What’s the worst that could happen? My morning would routine consist of:

  • 16 oz. of plain celery juice on an empty stomach
  • Waiting at least 30 minutes before consuming breakfast

Easy enough! Or so I thought. A full sixteen ounces of celery juice requires an individual to juice an entire bunch of celery; the WHOLE thing. I decided to minimize the amount to 8 oz and increase if I found the routine doable. The other major roadblock in my new morning ritual was the lack of a legitimate juicer. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new juicer that would go to waste if I wasn’t fully convinced by the celery juice movement, I decided to create my own method. I cut ½ of a celery bunch into small 1 inch sized pieces and blended them thoroughly. Then, using a spatula, I squeezed all the juice through a small mesh strainer. While this method required significant effort, it produced the same result.


The first week of my trial was easy; I was fascinated by the promised results and motivated to put this method to the test. Over the last year, I have restructured my schedule to work out in the mornings. Two days a week I attend a HIIT/lifting class at 5:15 AM and the other three days I go for a run at 5:00 AM. My alarm goes off at 4:30, giving me time to wake up and prepare mentally and physically for my workouts. To make time for my new celery juice routine, I began getting up 10-15 minutes earlier to prepare my elixir.  It was necessary to gulp down celery juice before my workouts so I could drink my morning smoothie when I got home. The first couple of days were rough; no one necessarily looks forward to the taste or smell of celery at 4:30 in the morning. Getting it down was nauseating but I powered through! By the end of the week, I wasn’t bothered by the smell or the taste at such an early hour. The only negative side effect that bothered me was slight nausea during my workouts. I normally workout on an empty stomach despite the time of the day. Having 8 oz. of fluid sloshing around during burpees wasn’t exactly pleasant.

During week two, it became more difficult to adhere to the ritual. My method of juicing celery wasn’t exactly fool proof and it did require some commitment. I was tired because I was getting up even earlier than my normal routine, nauseous during my workouts because I had to chug 8 oz. of fluid before my class or run, and sick of chopping celery! I did notice that my face seemed a bit glowier (is this a word?) and my sleep was more sufficient. Whether this was a direct result of the celery juice was yet to be determined.

Weeks three and four were the most difficult for me. Drinking celery juice had lost its magic and I inadvertently missed three or four days of early morning juicing. I attempted to change my routine by making the juice in the evenings and drinking it in the morning, hoping that eliminating the preparation step in the morning would make my ritual more achievable. Once I changed my preparation times to the evenings, I found I was more committed to drinking my juice in the mornings before my workout. I also enjoyed that the drink was more refreshing due to its ability to chill in the fridge overnight. This step definitely made it more palatable to enjoy in the early mornings! I finished out my 30-day trial strong and have had some time to reflect on my experience.

This addition to routine takes time to make into habit. Once I discovered a way to include it in my mornings without interfering with my alarm clock, I found I was much more likely to reach for the celery juice before my workouts. While I didn’t notice any significant change in my energy levels or skin (at least not significant enough to attribute to celery juice), I did notice a change in my digestion. I no longer experienced significant bloat after eating breakfast! I also noticed a change in my mentality. Starting the day with celery juice primed my mind for the rest of the day to make healthy decisions.

While I did see some benefit, I also want to mention some of my less desirable thoughts about celery juice. One thing that nagged at the back of my mind throughout this experience was that by juicing the celery, I wasn’t eating or utilizing all the fibrous aftermath. Fiber is so good for digestion and gut motility. I also found it difficult to get on board with the “scientific” explanation of why celery juice can be beneficial. To me, it seemed like a lot of speculative and broad claims that don’t hold much weight in true nutritional science. Do I believe that some people see significant change in their lives from juicing celery? Sure. Do I believe that there are some legitimate benefits to starting your day with glass of celery juice? Sure. Will I do it again? Sure. Part of me is still curious about the long term effects of this routine even though I didn’t experience the drastic results that many people do.

I think what I enjoy most about the celery juice movement is that it isn’t a juice “cleanse”. It doesn’t require the participant to forego whole foods. My view of juicing has always been that it should be in SUPPLEMENT to your current diet. Juice alone CANNOT replace the nutrients you need by eating foods that have protein, fat, fiber, and yes, carbs.  Overall, I enjoyed this little experiment. I found that by the end of it, I truly didn’t mind drinking celery early in the morning. My big issue was the timing with my morning workout. So, while celery juicing won’t make a daily appearance in my routine, I could totally enjoy it a few times a week. See below for my celery juice guidelines if you don’t have a juicer like me! 

Slice celery stalks in half lengthwise:


Chop into 1-2 inch pieces to pack into blender:




Fill blender and blend until smooth:



Re-fill blender with more celery and blend again until smooth:


Strain with mesh strainer or cheesecloth:


Use spatula to drain all fluid from the pulp:



Enjoy immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days (when freshness decreases):


Have you tried celery juicing? What are your thoughts on this new health routine? Let me know!


XOXO, Sarah

My Go-To Morning Smoothie

Hello, everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week!

My life runs on consistency. I love having a routine that keeps me accountable and productive. I am absolutely a type A personality; planning and scheduling are my favorite things to do! Seriously though, without my routine I get lazy- lazy with my diet, my workout routine, household chores, etc. One of the most consistent parts of my routine is my morning smoothie. I love that I can carry it around with me as I’m getting ready, I can bring it with me if I’m short on time, and I get lots of delicious nutrients from it that power me throughout the day.

I used to be a carb heavy breakfast person. I loved bagels with cream cheese and cereals. I still do! Even though I was eating what I thought to be a healthy and filling breakfast, I would find myself getting hungry mid-morning. Despite having a decent sized breakfast within the last few hours, hunger pangs crept up on me around 10 AM. Then I discovered Kelly LeVeque and my life was changed!

In her book, Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself From Food Drama Forever, Kelly outlines the perfect combination of protein, fat, fiber, and greens to keep you full (or satiated) throughout the morning, control blood sugar, and ultimately feel better physically and mentally. These building block ingredients create the perfect combination to prevent blood sugar, and eventually insulin, levels to spike, preventing those feelings of hunger. She goes on to say that some trial and error will help to find the perfect portions of each ingredient to stay full until lunch. As you may have noticed, fruit is not one of the ingredients in this list! Kelly recommends no more than ¼ cup fruit in each smoothie as it can be a culprit in shifting blood sugar/insulin levels. Yes, fruit is good for you in moderation! But it’s sugary makeup can cause our blood sugar to increase. Instead of a pattern of extreme highs and lows in blood sugar levels (que hunger!), the recommended combo keeps blood sugar levels at an even rate throughout the day. I won’t go into significant scientific details here, but definitely encourage you to pick up her book where you will find much more detail about the inner workings of the combination of these four ingredients, fondly referred to as the “Fab 4”.

What I absolutely love about this approach to eating is that it is very much rooted in science. Kelly isn’t a self proclaimed food specialist or wellness expert. She has been educated at a very high level with a significant background in health, down to the molecular level. Before becoming active working as a nutritionist in the health and wellness industry, she worked in the medical field specializing in tumor gene mapping. Her knowledge evident in her book as she describes the inner workings of the “Fab 4” on this same molecular level, specifically with hormone regulation. At the end of Body Love, she provides a plethora of “Fab 4” recipes to integrate in your life. From smoothies to dinner entrees, she provides a solid basis to help eliminate those feelings of hunger mid-morning and mid-afternoon, reducing the necessity for mindless eating and snacking. I think what I love the MOST about this approach is that it isn’t restrictive. It leaves room to enjoy a glass of wine, desserts, and pizza!

Through trial and error, I’ve developed a smoothie recipe inspired by Kelly’s suggestions that I drink almost every single morning! It is filling, nourishing, and most of all, delicious. If I plan to add fruit to my smoothie I enjoy my Blueberry Muffin Smoothie. See below for my Morning Smoothie and Blueberry Muffin Smoothie Recipes!

PS- These smoothies are also delicious for a snack or lunch!

Morning Smoothie Recipe

½ medium sized avocado (FAT)


1 scoop Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel, Vanilla Coconut (PROTEIN). I like the vanilla/coconut flavor combo better than the chocolate. I feel like you can build more flavors into the vanilla/coconut profile! 


Heaping handful of baby spinach (GREENS)


1-2 Tablespoons black chia seeds (FIBER)


Squeeze of lemon juice (if adding fruit)


1 date (if adding fruit). Especially if I use unsweetened or unflavored almond milk, adding a date adds a little extra sweetness to the smoothie. Dates are also high in fiber! Remember to remove the pit before adding to your smoothie. 


1 cup Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk. This brand is ALWAYS on sale. Look at your local Whole Foods, Hy-Vee, or Target. If you love Target’s Cartwheel app (if you haven’t tried it yet, you must! Tons of awesome deals every week), look for Califia. There’s commonly sales for all Califia products! I love it because it doesn’t have carrageenan in it. Carrageenan is a thickening additive that has commonly been linked to multiple GI issues. No thanks!


3-4 ice cubes


Blend well. Drink immediately. The if you like your smoothie to have a thicker consistency, add more avocado! 


*Optional: top with Cacao Nibs for a sweet treat


Blueberry Muffin Smoothie Recipe

1 TB Trader Joe’s Creamy Almond Butter

1 scoop Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel, Vanilla Coconut

Heaping handful of baby spinach

1-2 TB black chia seeds

¼ cup frozen wild blueberries

1 cup Califia Farms Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Blend well. Drink immediately.



XOXO, Sarah

My Drunk Elephant Review

Hello, friends! This has been a widely requested topic for some time now and I am so excited to finally share my Drunk Elephant skincare review with you! Before I dig into this post I do have to clear the air regarding one thing: price. Drunk Elephant is not necessarily a cheap skincare brand. Their products range from $18 to $134. With that being said, these products last for quite some time. I purchased my products at the end of June and most of them lasted me until December! I also firmly believe that with many things, you get what you pay for in the quality of these products. Drunk Elephant is a reputable company and only uses the highest quality in their products. They are pure, reliable, and effective! //

For most of my life I had clear skin. I never had to worry about breaking out. I used streamline products (think Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, L’Oreal, etc) and never took time to read labels or investigate ingredients and additives in my skincare. I based my skincare decisions on TV ads, price, and convenience. I was SO bad at washing my face. I would rarely go to bed without some remnants of eye makeup or foundation still present (cringe). If I got a breakout, I picked at it until it went away. Somehow, I maintained pretty clear skin. //

Fast forward to my mid-twenties. My husband, Zach, and I just moved from Milwaukee to Kansas City for his job with Amazon. Following our move, my skin started changing drastically. I started seeing breakouts on my forehead which gradually progressed to the rest of my face. The breakouts were big, red, and painful. I lathered on makeup anytime I left the house. Working as a nurse in a procedural environment didn’t help; we have to wear surgical masks for the majority of the day. Putting it simply- I was FREAKING out. I began jumping between multiple skincare brands, hoping that one might have a magical effect. I started seeing estheticians, who insisted on chemical peels and harsh products containing benzoyl peroxide. I tried eliminating dairy, alcohol, carbs, and finally a Whole 30, with no success. Throughout all of this, we were planning our wedding from two states away. I thought it could be stress related so I started incorporating more stress relief: epsom salt baths, diffusing essential oils, meditation, and yoga. //

I started seeing an esthetician who put me on the Skin Reality system, ensuring success within 90 days. I was sold. I had exactly 90 days before our wedding when I started the products from Skin Reality. While I know many people have seen dramatic results from this brand, I only saw my skin deteriorate more. My skin was flaky, dry, and felt so tight that I couldn’t even smile. To top it off, my acne wasn’t getting any better. I knew something had to change when we were on our honeymoon. I felt incredibly self conscious leaving our condo without makeup for a day at the beach. When I ran out of makeup before our flight home, I was nearly in tears. //

I had tried a couple Drunk Elephant (DE) products a couple years ago while going through an experimental skincare phase. I revisited their site and was immediately drawn to their philosophy: all of their products do not contain what they refer to as the “Suspicious 6”. These ingredients include silicones, essential oils, chemical sunscreens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), drying alcohols, and fragrance/dyes. Why are these additives detrimental to skin, and ultimately, internal health? And why, specifically, does Drunk Elephant choose to eliminate them from their products?

Silicones: They give moisturizers and serums a silky smooth finish. And although they are advertised as essential for locking in moisture on/in the skin, they can also trap dirt, bacteria, and dead skin. This can lead to breakouts, irritation, and congestion. Silicones are not only good at trapping stuff in. They’re also good at keeping things out! Anything applied to the skin following a product with silicone is not absorbed as readily, decreasing potency. *Also known as dimethicone, cyclomethicone, or dimethiconol*

Essential Oils: Don’t get me wrong, I love essential oils! But not on my skin! I tried using essential oils (tea tree oil, frankincense, lavender) in the fall of 2017. Instead of clearing my skin, my sensitivities increased. Essential oils are derived from florals and other plants. Although they can be anti-fungal and anti-microbial, they can also be harsh on facial skin.

Chemical Sunscreens: Chemical sunscreens can also increase skin sensitivity, contributing to acne and other skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, etc). Instead of sitting on top of the skin and acting as a barrier to UVA and UVB rays, chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin. These toxic additives can then circulate throughout your body. Examples of chemical sunscreens include: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, and octinoxate (check out Environmental Working Group for more information).

SLS: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a surfactant. It creates those foamy bubbles when washing your face, hair, hands, and body. It is in EVERYTHING; nearly all personal care products! While we all love a good suds, SLS has been marked toxic for human use by many countries. Sadly, the United States is not one of them. SLS can cause irritation by stripping the skin of its natural oils. Absorbed through the skin, SLS can be toxic to the kidneys, liver, and heart.

Alcohol: Plain and simple, alcohols in skincare dehydrate the skin. Drying the skin too much can can cause a reverse reaction; oil production increases because the skin thinks it needs to hydrate itself!

Fragrance/Dyes: Fragrances, often referred to as perfume or parfum in skincare, are used to mask the naturally occuring scents of certain ingredients. Dyes are used to create a “pretty” appearance for consumers. Neither are necessary in skincare and can cause irritation.

DE also stresses the idea that less is more. Our skin is constantly bombarded with perpetual product rotation, overuse of product, too many products, makeup, harsh chemicals, and over stimulation. Simplifying a skincare regimen to a few effective products can maximize your results and ultimately heal your skin. DE recognizes that skin, as the largest organ in the body, requires particular and consistent care. //

Before we even returned from our honeymoon I placed a DE order. I overhauled every single one of my products. Immediately after our return to KC, I started using a consistent DE regimen. I told myself I would give these products 100 days to prove their efficacy. After just over two months of using strictly DE products, I experienced a change in my skin I had been hoping to see for over a year! See below for my before and after photos:



YOU GUYS! The aftermath of using DE still blows my mind. Not only did my skin see dramatic improvement, my confidence increased substantially! I leave the house without makeup. Let me say that again… I leave the house without makeup! I no longer feel like I’m hiding under layers of makeup, self doubt, and lack of confidence. My skin is smooth, hydrated, nourished, and predictable. //

I didn’t get here without some serious effort. I look forward to my skincare routines (listed below!). Even if I’m exhausted from a long day or coming home late at night, I still follow through with my skincare regimen. Consistency is key! And, let’s not forget, a skincare regimen is just a piece of the puzzle for skin health. There are other equally important components; diet, exercise, sleep, and managing stress. More to come in future posts on all of those necessities! //

DE Product Review

My DE Regimen consists of 9 products; some are used both morning and night and others are used either morning or night. What I find so wonderful about these products is that they can be mixed together to create the desired outcome you wish to see, individualizing your skincare! Genius! //

My first step always involves cleansing my face. Whether that is with just water in the morning or with a cleanser in the evening, it is so important to start with a fresh face. I use DE’s Pekee Bar in the evenings to wash away all remnants of makeup, dirt, and bacteria. It is sooo creamy and doesn’t strip the skin of its naturally produced oils. After I cleanse with the Pekee Bar I don’t feel the immediate need to moisturize, which means my natural facial oils remain intact through the cleansing process. //

Following that, I mix together two of three serums each morning and evening. In the morning I use the B-Hydra Intensive Hydrating Serum with the C-Firma Day Serum. The B-Hydra serum gives my skin a little extra boost of moisture. Especially during the dry months of winter and while working in a hospital, my skin tends to take a beating in the moisture department. This serum helps to retain every last ounce of moisture in my skin. Its texture is incredibly silky! The C-Frima Serum is a Vitamin C serum that works to brighten and reduce the appearance of acne scars. Since DE doesn’t add any perfumes to its products, the C-Firma Serum retains a slight musty smell that is characteristic of true Vitamin C. By mixing these two serums together, I create a personalized serum that targets dehydrated skin and old acne scars. At night, I make my serum concoction using the B-Hydra Serum and the T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. The T.L.C Serum is an acid exfoliant that clears dead skin cells and renews the skin’s texture, bringing forward clear and soft skin. By reducing the buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, this product directly reduces the chance of developing a breakout. It tingles slightly as it goes on. Acid exfoliants tend to be safer for skin. Physical exfoliants (think cleansers or masks with micro-beads) can cause extremely small abrasions and tears on the skin, creating more problems than solutions. The acid exfoliants can be more potent and more effective, especially if clear skin is on your bucket list. Since this glycolic serum is pretty potent, I like to mix it with the B-Hydra to slightly dilute it. //

After I apply my serums, I moisturize. During the day I like to use a lighter moisturizer so that my makeup goes on smoothly and seamlessly. I really like the Protini Polypeptide Cream as a daily moisturizer. It is incredibly light yet still very moisturizing. If my skin feels especially dry, I add a couple drops of the Virgin Marula Oil. I have found that a little of this oil goes a long way! With just a couple drops, my face is glowing! During the summer months, I only use 2-3 drops of the Marula Oil under my makeup. Since we live in a very humid city (hello Kansas City summers) I don’t always feel the need to add more hydration to my skin. The Marula Oil also works great to sooth cracking cuticles, calm frizzy hair, and moisturize dry elbows and knees. In the evenings I use the Lala Whipped Cream. This stuff is a skincare goldmine. It is thick, creamy, and extremely luxurious. I massage just one pump into my skin at night and it transforms my tired, dry skin. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is just as moisturized as when I went to bed! //

I top off all of my skincare with a small pump of DE’s under eye serum, Shaba Complex. I don’t necessarily feel like I need an eye cream at this point in my life, but I’m all about preventing dark circles and wrinkles. The Shaba serum is very light and easy to apply so it’s no extra hassle. //

Finally, in the morning I apply my SPF, the Umbra Tinte. This product is tinted but there is another version available that is not. This sunscreen is a physically blocking product. It does not contain the chemical sunscreen (listed above) that are not safe! Think of it this way: costal states and countries are taking action to ban sunscreens that contain these chemical components because they are KILLING coral. If these products are so harmful to other living organisms, imagine what they are doing to you! The Umbra Tinte glides smoothly onto the skin. It is slightly thicker than your average SPF. Occasionally, I will add a couple drops of the Marula Oil to thin it out. It goes on so well under makeup and acts as a primer for foundation. If you take one thing away from this post, I beg you to start using sunscreen every day! Even if you work indoors and barely see the sun (I see all you Midwesterners in the winter), wearing SPF every day is vital to maintaining healthy skin. VITAL. Your skin is your largest organ; protect it! //

Here is my skin as of yesterday!


Consistency is key when maintaining clear, healthy skin. Developing a regimen that works best for you can be frustrating. Stick with it and continue to have a positive outlook. Drastic change like this takes time. You won’t suddenly have clear skin overnight! With any new product or regimen, give yourself at least 90 days before you start readjusting or changing your products. Although I hate to admit it, I still get acne. My skin isn’t perfect yet; it’s still recovering, and that’s ok. //

At this point, I’m still not sure why I suddenly developed adult acne. I suspect the usual culprits: bad diet choices, new environment, and continual stress. Since then, I’ve cleaned up my diet, removed what toxins and chemicals I could from my surroundings, and learned to manage my stress. More on these topics later! //

Skincare can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t know where to start? Below is a simplified explanation of my current skincare routine:

My Current DE Regimen


After I get up in the morning, I simply splash my face with lukewarm water. I don’t typically use a cleanser as I find my skin dries out more quickly if I do. That is followed with:



I currently use a product that is not from DE to remove my makeup. I’ve been using One Love Organics Vitamin B cleansing oil + makeup remover. I am liking this product but if you have recommendations for a clean makeup remover, let me know! After removing my makeup:

Drunk Elephant has completely changed my skin. I’m so happy I decided to take the DE plunge last summer. Questions? Let me know! //

Until next time!

XOXO, Sarah

Que Sera Sarah

Hello! I want to personally thank you for joining in on the fun of Que Sera Sarah. In this first “real” post, I want to take a little time to introduce myself. I can’t wait to get to know you guys through this super fun platform! //

I currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, Zach, and my two kitty fur babies, Bootsie and Gatsby. Originally, we are from Madison, Wisconsin (Go Badgers! Go Packers!) and were married there June 2018. Kansas City is a hidden gem! It has grown on us tremendously over the last couple years we’ve lived here. Between delicious restaurants, proximity to concert venues and things to do, temperate midwest weather, and friendly people, Kansas City is a wonderful place to call home. //


I work professionally as a Registered Nurse. I’ve worked in the cardiac field since graduating from college in Minnesota. Right now, I work in a cardiac specialty field known as electrophysiology. I work in a procedural lab with physicians putting in pacemakers, defibrillators, and performing ablations. I love procedural nursing, especially the EP lab. Our patients come to us with sometimes debilitating symptoms and leave feeling significantly better. It’s extremely rewarding! I love being a nurse. It’s a rigorous, stressful, and demanding profession, but such a privilege. Everyday our patients entrust their lives to us; it’s incredibly humbling. //


Nursing has created the perfect springboard into my journey in health and wellness. I love learning about more natural and preventative ways to optimize my health. I feel better when I move my body daily, whether through a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout, lifting weights, going for a run, doing yoga, or going for a hike. Staying active reduces stress, increases endorphins, clears my mind. Especially working in a stressful field, it’s so important to me to have a good outlet for my stress! In college I had the privilege of dancing for the College of Saint Benedict National Dance Team. We brought home 2 (!!) National Championship wins, something I feel so blessed to have been apart of during my final years as a dancer. I also feel better when I eat well. I believe diets are too restrictive and set us up for failure. Zach and I live our lives with the belief that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. We indulge every now and again (I definitely have a sweet tooth!) but always come back to the basics: lots of veggies, seasonal fruits, and lean proteins. //


Zach and I love to travel. We have been blessed with many opportunities to explore the world together. We love taking time to invest in our relationship through discovering new places together. Some of our favorite travels include Napa, Door County (WI), Costa Rica, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, and Hawaii. This spring we will be traveling to Switzerland and Italy to visit my little brother and his wife in Rome! One of my favorite things to do is plan our vacations. I research our destinations extensively so that we can make the most of our time (and money!) there! //

Other things you will commonly find me talking about: matcha and turmeric lattes, classical music on Saturday mornings, my Fab 4 smoothie every morning (check out “Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever” by Kelly LeVeque), Betty Rae’s ice cream (the lavender honey flavor is my absolute favorite!), diffusing essential oils (more posts coming soon about this!), epsom salt baths, Wisconsin beer (yes, I’m talking about Spotted Cow), fish tacos, Freight House Fitness, fuzzy socks, Mumford and Sons, and my Dad’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs. //

Have a beautiful day, friends!

// Sarah