The Qyksonic ZOE Review

Hello, friends! 

I hope you are having a fantastic week! I wanted to follow up my last post with a product review that is essential to my skincare routine. When I started to invest in better skincare habits and products, I started to follow esthetician bloggers and instagrammers. Esthetics is a quickly growing beauty industry in our country. With thousands of estheticians out there, how do you know who’s credible and who’s not? Lots of research, my friends! I stumbled upon The Beauty Nurse, Melissa Berg, a little over a year ago. And I am so thankful I did! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable in all things skincare, but she has the best product recommendations! Follow her on Instagram: @thebeautynurse

After I upgraded my skincare and makeup, I wanted to expand my routine even more. Melissa did an Instagram video showcasing a product called The Zoe, developed by the company, Qyksonic. The Zoe is a silicone cleansing, exfoliating, and facial massage tool. Not only that, but it can be used to apply products as well! She detailed how she uses it in her skincare routine, the benefits, and why this skincare brush is superior to the rest. As an avid Clarisonic user, I was hesitant. However, after using my Zoe for a year, I have to say I completely agree that it is the best in the skincare world. 

Qyksonic Zoe
Qyksonic Zoe $149


For starters, the Zoe is comprised fully of medical grade silicone.  Medical grade silicone is notoriously antimicrobial. This is extremely important when using skincare tools. The more bacteria a tool retains, the more it spreads across your face. Gross! Additionally, silicone is much easier to clean than a bristled brush head. A simple, gentle cleanser is all you need to keep this tool clean. If you are a patron of other skincare tools (primarily Clarisonic), you might notice that when you change the brush head, there are layers of gunk underneath. This is due to water, soap, makeup, face products, and dead skin cells accumulating below the head. And especially, if you are anything like I was, I wouldn’t change my Clarisonic head nearly enough. The buildup was disgusting. And to think, that’s what you’re spreading all over your face!

Speaking of changing brush heads, this is something that is not required of the Zoe. In fact, there are no attachments, no extras, no add ons, etc. The Zoe is its own compact unit that does not require anything to be changed every couple of months. Not only does this save you time (and trying to remember to actually do it), but it also saves you money! Hollaaah!! 

And, while we are directly comparing the makeup of these products, it’s important to note the actual components of the tools and their direct effect on the skin. The bristles on the Clarisonic can be harsh, especially on sensitive skin. The abrasive nature of the Clarisonic, no matter the type of brush head you use, can create small abrasions on the skin, leading to more complex issues.  The Zoe is softer, allowing the user to determine the level of exfoliation.

Another great aspect of this cleansing tool is the ability to change the intensity at which it vibrates to cleanse. The more sensitive your skin is, the less vibration you will want to use to minimize irritation. If you want a deeper cleanse, opt for a higher level. Depending on what you choose to use the Zoe for, you may change the speed throughout your skincare routine, whether cleansing or applying product to your skin. With fifteen different levels, there’s an option for every skin type. 

Since we’re talking about cleansing and applying product, the Zoe is a dual purpose product. On one side, the silicone bristles are soft and malleable, perfect for lightly cleansing the skin and removing all remnants of makeup. The other side is covered in silicone bristles that are thicker and more sturdy. This side of the Zoe is used for massaging products into your skin. I find it most effective when applying my serums, both morning and night. Not to mention, it feels good and gives my skin the ultimate glow!

Qyksonic Zoe Colors

The shape of the Zoe is very purposeful. Wide in the middle and towards the bottom, the majority of the device is perfect for sweeping across your face to broadly cleanse. The top of the device, you might notice, is pointed. This pointed tip is perfect for getting into every crevice of your face, particularly around the corners of your nose! You can truly get a meticulous clean while using it. The petal shape ensures a full cleanse!

So at this point you might be thinking, “Ok, I’m sold. What more could there be that could make this product better?!” What if I told you this cleansing tool stays charged for up to six months! Chicka whaattt!? That’s right, you heard me. No charging for months. Could there be an easier cleansing tool to use? I think not. I love this aspect of the tool, especially for traveling. I don’t have to worry about packing a charger, or remembering to pack one for that matter! Zoe also comes with a simple carrying pouch, making it easy to pack in a suitcase or toiletry bag. 

Ok, so how do I use this awesome gadget in my skincare routine? It’s really easy. Obviously you guys know I love my DE stuff. See below!

  1. Cleanse skin with Mahalo Unveil balm cleanser 
  2. Double cleanse with Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar
  3. After the cleanser is applied to face, use the soft side (with flowers) of the  Zoe for 2 minutes to cleanse. I typically spend about 30 seconds in each area of my face at a medium speed. 
  4. Rinse face and pat dry
  5. Apply Drunk Elephant B-Hydra serum and Vitamin C serum (morning) or B-Hydra and TLC serum (evening).
  6. Spread serums across face. Use the other side (no flowers) of the Zoe to massage products into face. I use a higher intensity for this part. 
  7. Finish with Drunk Elephant’s Marula Oil, Polypeptide Cream, or Lala Retro Whipped Cream.

If you are interested in buy a Zoe for yourself, click HERE. There are a few different styles out now, each at a different price point. 

Compared to other silicone cleansing tools, the Zoe takes the cake. With the ability to personalize your skincare, longevity, and overall design of the device, it outshines its competitors by a mile.

Honestly, if you’re looking to upgrade your skincare routine, the Zoe is your best bet. Not only will it deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin, but it will massage your products into your skin, increasing the ability to work their magic. This anti-aging, antimicrobial, and super convenient tool is incredibly easy to use and I guarantee you’ll see results!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We will be traveling back home to Wisconsin for a wedding. We are so excited to visit our home state (and drink some Spotted Cow-people who have left WI, you know the struggle!). You better believe my Zoe is coming with me!

XOXO, Sarah

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