My Favorite Ilia Makeup Products

Isn’t it so rewarding (and such a relief!) when you find makeup you LOVE?! With so many options out there, it can be super hard to find the right products that work well for you. Whether it’s the color range of concealer or foundation, the ability to wear mascara all day without getting raccoon eyes, or the perfect nourishing lip balm, finding *good quality* makeup is tough.

Over the last few years I’ve gravitated heavily towards the makeup brand Ilia. Ilia is clean and sustainable makeup brand that prides itself on formulations that bring out your natural beauty. They use the term “skin-centric” to describe how their makeup products support the underlying health of your skin. As I’ve grown older, I find that I’m wearing less makeup. At a bare minimum I wear a tinted sunscreen and a little swipe of mascara. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll wear a little concealer and brow gel as well. Ilia’s philosophy of makeup revolves heavily around the idea that less is truly more, in their ingredient lists and in their holistic concept of makeup.

Limitless Lash Mascara

  • This mascara is the bomb diggity. I used to be a huge fan of Honest Beauty mascara (I mean, I still am a huge fan, I just found something better). But this mascara blows it out of the water. It’s really hard to find a “clean” mascara that wears well throughout the day. I don’t get any fallout under my eyes (no raccoon eyes- yay!) and the formula isn’t clumpy at all. I have worn this mascara as an everyday mascara for the last couple years and I truly don’t think I will find a better one. I’ve even worn this mascara while hiking and snowshoeing- it held up to the elements!

True Skin Serum Concealer

  • It has taken me a really long time to find a concealer that works well with my skin tone and won’t make my skin look dry and crepey. It’s not a heavy or full coverage concealer, but it adds just enough coverage to brighten my under eyes and cover a minor blemish.
  • I wear the shade “Suma”

Essential Brow Gel

  • One of the biggest complaints I have with brow gels in general, is that they can be wayyy too heavy to the point where you can see the formula clinging to the brow hairs. I love that this formula doesn’t clump on my brows. It makes them look clean and put together. When I actually do my brows, this helps my eyes look more awake. The spoolie has a side for applying the product and side for brushing it through your brows. Love it!
  • I wear the shade “Blonde”


  • This multi-stick is really just that, a great creamy color pop for cheeks and lips. I use this primarily as a cream blush. I love the natural color it gives to my cheeks without looking too fake or applied. It gives my lips the same effect, natural and not too “done”. The formula has a slight shimmer that catches the light just right. Sometimes cream blushes can be really heavy. Most people won’t want to wear one during the summer months. I can wear this cream blush year-round.
  • I wear the shade “At Last”

I love makeup that goes on easily and looks natural. Especially on the days I feel worn out or exhausted, a little concealer and mascara can go a long way. I don’t have time to invest in a lengthy makeup routine. Just a few products can make a huge difference.

Ilia is available on a wide variety of platforms. You can buy it direct to consumer on their website. You can also purchase it on sites like Credo Beauty and Sephora- amazing if you are a Beauty Insider!

Let me know if you try any of these wonderful Ilia products!

Until next time!

XOXO, Sarah

Author: Sarah Scherschel

Just a Midwestern girl trying to find her place in this crazy world | Registered Nurse | Seattle, Washington

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