Baby to Toddler Transition Products We Love

Hello, everyone! The last four months have flown by and I cannot believe we are nearing the end of the summer season. The weather in the Seattle area has been absolutely gorgeous over the last few weeks: sunny, 75-80 degrees, and low humidity. It’s truly what makes living through the dark and dreary winters of the PNW worth it. We all wait (not so patiently) for this weather every year!

As you may have noticed, it’s been quite a while since I updated my website. I’m in the process of honestly thinking about the future of this platform. Since becoming a mom, I have less and less time to dedicate towards my blog. I love writing, I really do. I love reviewing my favorite products and sharing great finds with you. But as I move forward into my new phase of life, I’m trying to figure out how I can best balance my time. With the constant changes to social media, Instagram in particular, I’ve found it hard to “keep up”. I don’t enjoy the heavy influence of videos – I love sharing photos not doing some stupid Tik Tok dance or voiceover. Ah well, time will tell I suppose!

Today I want to share with you some of our favorite products for the transition between baby and toddler. Leo is literally RUNNING everywhere and it is so tiring chasing after him! I love it so much. These products have made our transition a little easier, a little more fun, and could be things you enjoy using too.


Kyte Sleep Sack

I’ve talked about Kyte before so it will come to no surprise to you that I love Kyte products. We absolutely love our Kyte Sleep Sacks. They are breathable and temperature regulating. There are different thicknesses for different temperature ranges. We have the 1.0 TOG and we keep our home between 68-70 most of the year.

Kyte and Little Sleepies Jammies

Once again- I love Kyte products lol. BUT Kyte isn’t the only bamboo jammy maker on the market. Another great brand for snuggly but breathable jammies is Little Sleepies and oh my goodness the patterns are adorable. AND they have matching family Christmas jammies – see below! These jammies from both brands last us significantly longer than other brands. The price tag may seem hefty, but for 6+ months of wear, I think it’s worth it!

Matching Little Sleepies Christmas jammies


These cups are great transitional cups. Leo got the hang of drinking from a straw using these!

These cups are a great non-leaking option and are relatively inexpensive. I love that they have a weighted straw to keep the far end of the straw in the water at all angles. Perfect for a busy baby on the go!

We just started using these CamelBak cups at the recommendation of our friend and Leo loves them! I think he drinks more water from these cups because there is less resistance from the straw. Also leak proof! He loves the fun designs on the cups.


We started giving the first utensils to Leo relatively early when introducing solids. He’s very proficient at using a spoon now! To give him more practice and upgrade him to slightly larger utensils, we ordered the second option listed below. So far so good!


Preparing meals and snacks for a baby/toddler can be a struggle! This app has been my right hand tool when making food for Leo. From instructions on how to properly introduce food for developmental age to delicious recipes that are low or no sugar and low in salt, I can’t say enough great things about this app. It is well worth the $5/month!


See Kai Run Shoes

When I wanted to get Leo “first walker” shoes, this brand came highly recommended, and for good reason! See Kai Run shoes are designed to be supportive but allow for proper movement to aid in foot development and walking skills. Not to mention, the styles are absolutely adorable.

Fort Play Set

We did lots of research when decided to get Leo a play structure. After reviewing the other popular model on the market (the Nugget), we felt we could get better longevity out of The Fort! There are endless configurations and the material can be easily wiped clean.

Sun Hats

Like many toddlers, Leo is not a huge fan of wearing something on his head. Big floppy sun hats with an under-the-chin strap are a game changer! These hats are lightweight, water resistant, and keep Leo’s face out of the sun. Affordable, too!

Tubby Todd Sunscreen

With so many sunscreen brands on the market, we decided to stick with a company that prides itself in making high quality baby bath and skincare products. We use TT for bath soap, bubble bath, body lotion, and nourishing cream for dry skin. Their sunscreen products are fantastic: easy to apply, effective, and gentle on baby/toddler skin. We use the lotion, spray, and face stick. Bonus- it’s on sale right now!!


No spill bubbles. Leo is obsessed! Whenever we go outside he screams for, “Bubbles!”

Baby walker

When Leo was learning to walk, it was extremely helpful to have another fun support system for him to utilize. It’s recommended that you don’t use products to help baby walk (or jump) until they are independently learning to walk to protect their hip development and allow them to develop appropriate walking skills. I love that this activity walker has so many fun interactive activities apart of it! Sadly, it’s out of stock, but you can add your name to the waitlist! *This one* is similar!


Baby gate

It is important to choose a baby gate that you can physically mount into the wall. The suspension system that holds a gate will not hold the weight of a baby, let alone a full grown adult. Especially if the gate is at the top of the stairs, you want it mounted to the wall to prevent an accidental fall down the stairs. This gate works well for us!

Outlet covers

Absolutely necessary if your little one is curious (literally every baby!). Prevents children from touching or inserting objects into the outlet.

Toilet Seat Locks

These latches are easy to use and not too inconvenient! Accidental drowning can happen in an instant. Toilets are fun and exciting to small children. While they are young, a lot of their body weight is carried in their head. A little toilet bowl exploration can tip them into the bowl of water and make it difficult to get back out. Securing toilet seats with these latches can help prevent this!

Bath Seat

This bath seat is perfect for little ones who can sit independently… almost! An added sense of security for mom and dad during bath time!

Toddler Toothbrushes

These are the perfect toothbrushes for little hands learning to brush little teeth. The shape prevents unintentional choking and allows for an easy hold.

Things I’m Loving This Week

Next to our house we have HUGE blackberry bushes. The berries are finally ripe and we harvested a bowl of them on Tuesday evening. I made a gorgeous peach, plum, and blackberry crisp. We ate it warm with a scoop of lavender ice cream. It was so dreamy! I loosely followed THIS RECIPE. The fruit filling proportions for my crisp ended up being close to 2.5 peaches, 3 plums, and 2.5 cups blackberries. Oh, and I put extra shavings of butter on top before putting it in the oven because… well, because it’s butter.

This summer I’ve been embracing the “no makeup, natural hair” look and I am loving it. I feel like my skin is clearer and my hair is happier without the added heat styling. One of my next posts will be an updated skin routine!

Happy Thursday!